Roche was one of the first companies to recognise the importance of external innovation. Diagnostics has been partnering for more than 20 years with companies and research institutes worldwide. Since then, we have maintained a model that values external innovation as highly as our own internal development and established collaborations as the cornerstone of our R&D strategy.

Who we are


Roche is the in vitro diagnostics market leader


in diagnostic sales achieved in 2019


tests conducted with Roche instruments in 2019


acquisitions since 2014


licencing and R&D agreements since 2014

Roche Diagnostics is the market leader in the in vitro diagnostics business and provides the largest number of test results, empowering physicians and patients to make informed health decisions.

Partnering areas of interest

Biomarkers for disease areas

New biomarkers that address significant unmet medical needs
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Clinical chemistry and immunochemistry

Modular instrument solutions with a wide range of assays for emergency labs or health clinics up to large hospitals and commercial networks
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Decentralised testing (point of care) and patient self testing

POC instruments and IT solutions delivering quick, accurate and reliable results for critical- and primary-care clinicians and for patient self testing
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Diabetes care

Diabetes management by an integrated portfolio of glucose monitoring systems, lancing devices, insulin delivery systems and digital solutions
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Molecular diagnostics

Advanced solutions in oncology, genetics, microbiology, virology and women’s health for commercial and hospital labs plus innovative screening products for blood banks
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组织/血液学/尿诊断一个d coagulation testing

Standardising and optimising processes in pathology, haematology or other specialty labs
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Workflow automation, data analytics and decision support

Innovative IT solutions to improve in vitro testing efficiency and support decision making
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Where we are

Diagnostics Partnering offers speed, flexibility and accessibility to our partners. We have offices in Santa Clara, Tucson, Pleasanton, Boston, Basel (HQ), Rotkreuz, Penzberg and Shanghai.

Partnering at Roche Partnering at Roche

Our partnering process

The Roche partnering process can be encapsulated in four steps.

Partnering at Roche Partnering at Roche Partnering at Roche Partnering at Roche

At each step we can modify and tailor the relationship to the specific needs of each potential partner and depending on what is best for the asset. We find that this flexible approach is welcomed by our partners, and in our experience delivers the best results.

Our partnering process

We identify the “Wants” of Roche Diagnostics in regular reviews with our Business and R&D functions. The “Wants” cover short-term as well as mid- and long-term goals. We work closely with the potential partner to answer questions that focus on unmet medical needs, integration into existing platforms and assay menus, reimbursement, connectivity with our platforms, data sourcing, decision support and future trends with disruptive potential.

In order to be able to answer those questions during evaluation, we need to rely on data provided by the partner for each potential opportunity.

Once a new opportunity is identified, dedicated negotiation teams will work alongside our partners to complete the deal. We do not have any preconceived notions on the type of deals we should make. Our business development organisation can manage each transaction type and can easily change the structure to suit the needs of each of the opportunities and partners. We are flexible and consider a variety of deal types that range from licensing and acquisitions, to option deals and collaboration/partnering agreements, depending on what is best for all parties. If the opportunity permits, we work collaboratively with Pharma Partnering and Genentech Partnering to ensure the best outcome for the patients and the partners. Following execution of co-development projects we will have alliance management teams which work closely with the partner to set the development up for success.

Executive leadership

At Roche we believe in providing an environment where innovation can flourish.

CEO Severin Schwan on the value of innovation at Roche

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